Thursday, May 8, 2008


*This picture was taken during the JAPANESE Film-Festival at CASS Rooftop.
*Photo taken by: Monette Manahan

This testimonial is for Philip Hope Pequero Mamugay.
I made this with such big effort to show him how I value our relationship so much.
NO..NO...we are not in an intimate relationship.
We are just friends...close friends.

I also made this testimonial for the good and benefit of everyone who
often reads and views our blogs.
You guys may think that we're just pretending to be sweet and friendly with each other...NO...NO...
We're not enemies...we're friends with each other.

We may always stab each other's back using our blogs by posting ugly and horrible pictures and sharing to the world some dreadful infos about each other's life.,but I assure you.,it is just our way of showing that our friendship has no limitations..

I even feel so lucky to have him as a friend.
His witty, smart..intelligent, understanding, and most of all very behave and refine.
What more could I ask for.,?

But you may think I'm envious of him.
Huh?!!! Of course not!

What should I be jealous of?
I may not be that smart as he is, but I could, fortunately, answer questions from our test without having to ask the answers from him...but some answers, I admit, do come from neighborhood of course.!! bwahahaha,.

I maybe not be that witty and quick like him but believe me.,often times, I always do get the meaning of the text or message 99.9% faster than he does. I can sooo prove that.,.!!! I can even perform simple and easy things unlike him. Just like the HEY PI-BERTDAY stuff!!! bwahahahahahaha.,!!!

I really don't see any reason why I need to be envious of PHILIP HOPE PEQUERO MAMUGAY. I have something that he doesn't have that he really..really wants to have and he would even die for it...hahahahaha...that would be my WOM**HO*D!!!

See? Our friendship really has no limitations.
We don't really stab each other that hard...that's the secret of our strong-bonded friendship!

Lastly, I made this especially for PEQUERO MAMUGAY to share and show to everyone how lucky I am to have him as a friend!!!
I hope Flipt this very simple and short testimonial of mine soothes your heart and soul...soul...soul.,.

* (you see that spot over there.,??? It's where I had the accident.......and DIED..aaaaAHHHHH!!!)
* (from youtube-keyword: teresa fidalgo...pls do watch this's really nice! It's one of Philip's favorite).,



jidai said...

OMG!!! waaaaaahahahahahahaha. bilat ba kau ana ba pikchur oi. hahaha! ;p matai na unta mu noh? lol.

i have a guys are meant for each other. ;-)


hahahaha. :D

maril_04 said...

gusto man gud ko madam na maulawan c philip.,no limitations bya daw kuno amu friendship.,oh di ba.,???

qmi said...

how iro naman the dog! LOL!!!!

ami said...

how iro naman the dog! LOL!!!!

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yuva said...

your site is interesting to visit!!!!!
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flipt said...

yawa ka mons!!!!! bwahahahahahaha!!! nostalgic man ni ui! T_T

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