Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dockers Everywhere

I like to dress-up and I always do make sure that I look good with the clothes I wear. And the very thing that entertains me most when it comes to shopping for the things I love like clothes and stuff is nowhere to found but here on the internet. This place is simply called as Dockers

You would really find a variety of things to shop over this place. There are clothes for both men and women of all ages, you'd also be informed of the latest trends for the upcoming season and many other things that will so gonna make your eyes pop-out.

But wait a minute, did you know that Dockers is now on a very interesting contest? Yes! It is a video contest wherein you and your friends can participate. This is for everybody else out there who are very much willing to show-off their directing skills in making a commercial about Dockers. This contest is basically about the people who are so crazy about the products of Dockers and most especially their experiences in wearing this brand of clothing. Isn't it so easy and so interesting? So guys, what are you waiting for?...grab your video camera and set a meeting with your friends for the planning of your video commercial. It's still never too late to let your skills come out. And if you're lucky enough to win, your video will get the chance to be aired on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". And as for me, my most favorite video yet is this video from shd0728 entitled 'We Speak Your Language'.

So guys, just give it your big creative,be unique and most especially be original in making your Dockers video commercial and submit it to Dockers contest for a chance to show to the world your own video commercial. But if you don't have an entry for this contest, you could still participate by voting for your favorite video commercial.

Visit Dockers now!

Dockers contest


Sponsored by Dockers


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