Saturday, March 15, 2008


I do love theatre and arts that’s why I really enjoy joining performances and productions. Recently, I was able to be a part of a musical production and it was such an unforgettable and extraordinary experience for me.

I was in fact, at first, hesitant to join the play because there was hardly enough time to rehearse the dance steps and songs. But I still decided to join because I really didn’t want to disappoint Ma’am Jinggay-the director.

We actually had two presentations in a day, one at 3:00 p.m. and the final presentation was at 7:00 in the evening. The 3:00 p.m. presentation was not that good though because of some technical problems that we encountered during the performance. We also had a bit dull sort of audience, I say, because they weren’t that responsive and reactive to certain scenes from the play.

But what was really amazing was during our final performance (7:00 p.m.). There were a number of spectators who watched our presentation and most of them were our classmates, close-friends, and also our professors who, in the first place, are really hard to please. But guess what… at the end of the show they were so amazed and enthralled by our performance that they even congratulated each and every one of us and even commented on how excellent we were in performing and giving justice to the musical play. WHOOOOOOAAAA! That was really the best, the greatest and the finest part for me—being able to be appreciated and congratulated by people who are very much hard to please.

The play CATS was really a success for all of us. Yes…we acted as Cats in the play and did experience to crawl and act like Cats… but all of the hardships were worth the victory.

I really am very thankful to my co-CATS who really did their best for the success of the play. And also to Ma’am Jinggay who really believed in our talents and who was so supportive, compassionate, and encouraging till the very end.

…..meow…meow…meow… (*.*)..

Monday, March 3, 2008

Forgive him…he’s drunk...
(From a lady’s point of view)

Is being drunk a good excuse?

I think it’s not!

Some would just say this statement or expression (Forgive him…he’s drunk...) in order to avoid fights and commotions particularly during parties or night-outs. Yes. It is in fact good at some point so as to avoid fights and clashes, but we should never excuse somebody for doing promiscuous things towards us or to others just because they are drunk.

People who are drunk would so often lose control of their mind-set and attitude making them trouble-makers and consequently creating commotions within gatherings or parties. But if they’re supposedly the like….then why do they have to drink too much of what is required???

I wrote this post not to be unfair with these people, it’s just that I, myself, have been offended or wronged for a couple of times already by some drunken people who are totally like pervs and jerks and maniacs. They would intentionally bump into you and would totally do promiscuous things that are really very intolerable and offensive. And the very unfair thing is that, people around you would just instead advice you to forgive him because his drunk!!! Hey!!! Isn’t that too much???

Were these individuals ever sent to school or educated about the bad effects of alcohol to the body and how alcohol can also possibly ruin the very humanity of an individual who is very much addicted to it?

My goodness…

I think the best thing for these individuals to do is to go home early each and everyday and just suck their thumbs off their mouth and just go to sleep as to avoid alcoholism and in some point avoid also the commotions they might encounter to during night-outs or parties…

It’s not actually bad to drink but let us be reminded of our limitations for us to be not the source of fights and commotions.

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