Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It always rains every afternoon here in our place. Yet, I don’t find it annoying. It even gives me joy and pleasure.

I love the rain so much that every time it rains really hard, I would go outside and feel the raindrops on my head.,on my face and all over my body..(*raindrops keep falling on my head..lalala.)

And just last Monday, I was able to play with the rain again and while I’m soaking wet, I was actually eating and sucking a lollipop…(hehe).I felt like a kid that time—I always get this feeling every time it rains.

I don’t want to sing that famous song “RAIN…RAIN GO AWAY... come again another DAY”…coz I don’t want the rain to go…I want it to stay and play with me...


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