Saturday, May 24, 2008

Somewhere Down There

I hate those people who would really do anything just to put others down.

Those people who are so much capable of fabricating and making stories…

Those who are so unfeeling and cold and heartless…

I wonder why they would exert so much effort just to destroy somebody with all the false stories and dreadful fabrications they’ve made-up.

What do they get from doing such?

Do they feel happy to destroy somebody else’s reputation?

Do they feel lucky and genius enough to have invented such lies?

I really have no idea!

I just feel sorry for them…


I wrote this post, honestly, because of some issues that I’ve been going through from these insecure and unfeeling individuals who always seem to be ready to stab my back with their terrible trumped-up stories.

At first, I really felt bad about their issues but later on…I got to realize that they’re just part of the world God has created…and basically they belong to the underworld part of God’s creation. They belong somewhere down there….and obviously…we all know it as HELL!!!



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