Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dockers Everywhere

I like to dress-up and I always do make sure that I look good with the clothes I wear. And the very thing that entertains me most when it comes to shopping for the things I love like clothes and stuff is nowhere to found but here on the internet. This place is simply called as Dockers

You would really find a variety of things to shop over this place. There are clothes for both men and women of all ages, you'd also be informed of the latest trends for the upcoming season and many other things that will so gonna make your eyes pop-out.

But wait a minute, did you know that Dockers is now on a very interesting contest? Yes! It is a video contest wherein you and your friends can participate. This is for everybody else out there who are very much willing to show-off their directing skills in making a commercial about Dockers. This contest is basically about the people who are so crazy about the products of Dockers and most especially their experiences in wearing this brand of clothing. Isn't it so easy and so interesting? So guys, what are you waiting for?...grab your video camera and set a meeting with your friends for the planning of your video commercial. It's still never too late to let your skills come out. And if you're lucky enough to win, your video will get the chance to be aired on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". And as for me, my most favorite video yet is this video from shd0728 entitled 'We Speak Your Language'.

So guys, just give it your big creative,be unique and most especially be original in making your Dockers video commercial and submit it to Dockers contest for a chance to show to the world your own video commercial. But if you don't have an entry for this contest, you could still participate by voting for your favorite video commercial.

Visit Dockers now!

Dockers contest


Sponsored by Dockers

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Somewhere Down There

I hate those people who would really do anything just to put others down.

Those people who are so much capable of fabricating and making stories…

Those who are so unfeeling and cold and heartless…

I wonder why they would exert so much effort just to destroy somebody with all the false stories and dreadful fabrications they’ve made-up.

What do they get from doing such?

Do they feel happy to destroy somebody else’s reputation?

Do they feel lucky and genius enough to have invented such lies?

I really have no idea!

I just feel sorry for them…


I wrote this post, honestly, because of some issues that I’ve been going through from these insecure and unfeeling individuals who always seem to be ready to stab my back with their terrible trumped-up stories.

At first, I really felt bad about their issues but later on…I got to realize that they’re just part of the world God has created…and basically they belong to the underworld part of God’s creation. They belong somewhere down there….and obviously…we all know it as HELL!!!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am in Social SPARK!

Isn’t it amazing to earn money by just simply using your writing skill?

There have been lots of opportunities lately that could probably help a student like me earn extra money just by simply browsing the net and finding job opportunities.

Joining communities in order to have topics to write about is what I’m after to, and SocialSpark is the most dependable marketplace available. It is a community where bloggers are given the chance to showcase their writing abilities and be able to widen their knowledge on their assigned topics to write about. And another brilliant thing about SocialSpark is that it enables bloggers to make friends and stay connected with other people from other countries making them closer to each other even if their across oceans and seas.

SocialSpark also has its own code of ethics in order to attract those individuals interested in joining their community:

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

The feature that I really like most about SocialSpark is that it allows its users to leave messages, add friends, prop other users as well and most especially it gives its users job opportunities that really are plentiful.

Below is the screenshot of SocialSpark’s homepage:

Join now and be a part of a lively community!
Earn and have extra money by just simply using your skill in writing.

SocialSpark is the best place to live your dream and it's the best place to meet new people and faces from all over the world.

Don't hesitate to join and be apart of the community.


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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It always rains every afternoon here in our place. Yet, I don’t find it annoying. It even gives me joy and pleasure.

I love the rain so much that every time it rains really hard, I would go outside and feel the raindrops on my head.,on my face and all over my body..(*raindrops keep falling on my head..lalala.)

And just last Monday, I was able to play with the rain again and while I’m soaking wet, I was actually eating and sucking a lollipop…(hehe).I felt like a kid that time—I always get this feeling every time it rains.

I don’t want to sing that famous song “RAIN…RAIN GO AWAY... come again another DAY”…coz I don’t want the rain to go…I want it to stay and play with me...

Approved by Payperpost

My blog just got approved by Payperpost!

PayPerPost is an online marketplace where bloggers, photographers, and other content creators find advertisers willing to sponsor and pay for any types of content or topics. It is an amazing way of making use of one's writing skills and at the same time earning money out of it.

I consider
PayPerPost as very essential for it allows students like me to earn money by just writing and expressing our ideas out of words. It is a good instrument for us, most especially for me because I could easily earn money at the same time it enhances my writing skills on certain contents available at hand.

I learned about
PayPerPost just this year from a friend's friend. He actually told me that blogging is the best way to earn money especially with the help of PayPerPost. I was then so thrilled by the idea of having to use my skill in writing, but what really excited me most was the idea of earning money. I actually made my blog with the help of some friends who were already experienced bloggers and good writers.

Another amazing thing about having a blog is that you get to make friends with other people from other places. It is so much amazing that with having
PayPerPost around; connecting with these people from other countries is so much uncomplicated and trouble-free. We actually have this bonded thing with each other for they are also bloggers who are earning money with the help of PayPerPost.

Hopefully, if I would be able to earn and get the enough money I need, I would, with no hesitations, treat my mom and my whole family out and not be forgotten-- my friends.
By having
PayPerPost around, communicating and connecting with other people from other countries would be a lot easier. And I would also be able to continue to develop my skill in writing therefore giving me a very big opportunity to share to everyone anything and everything I love to write about.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


*This picture was taken during the JAPANESE Film-Festival at CASS Rooftop.
*Photo taken by: Monette Manahan

This testimonial is for Philip Hope Pequero Mamugay.
I made this with such big effort to show him how I value our relationship so much.
NO..NO...we are not in an intimate relationship.
We are just friends...close friends.

I also made this testimonial for the good and benefit of everyone who
often reads and views our blogs.
You guys may think that we're just pretending to be sweet and friendly with each other...NO...NO...
We're not enemies...we're friends with each other.

We may always stab each other's back using our blogs by posting ugly and horrible pictures and sharing to the world some dreadful infos about each other's life.,but I assure you.,it is just our way of showing that our friendship has no limitations..

I even feel so lucky to have him as a friend.
His witty, smart..intelligent, understanding, and most of all very behave and refine.
What more could I ask for.,?

But you may think I'm envious of him.
Huh?!!! Of course not!

What should I be jealous of?
I may not be that smart as he is, but I could, fortunately, answer questions from our test without having to ask the answers from him...but some answers, I admit, do come from neighborhood of course.!! bwahahaha,.

I maybe not be that witty and quick like him but believe me.,often times, I always do get the meaning of the text or message 99.9% faster than he does. I can sooo prove that.,.!!! I can even perform simple and easy things unlike him. Just like the HEY PI-BERTDAY stuff!!! bwahahahahahaha.,!!!

I really don't see any reason why I need to be envious of PHILIP HOPE PEQUERO MAMUGAY. I have something that he doesn't have that he really..really wants to have and he would even die for it...hahahahaha...that would be my WOM**HO*D!!!

See? Our friendship really has no limitations.
We don't really stab each other that hard...that's the secret of our strong-bonded friendship!

Lastly, I made this especially for PEQUERO MAMUGAY to share and show to everyone how lucky I am to have him as a friend!!!
I hope Flipt this very simple and short testimonial of mine soothes your heart and soul...soul...soul.,.

* (you see that spot over there.,??? It's where I had the accident.......and DIED..aaaaAHHHHH!!!)
* (from youtube-keyword: teresa fidalgo...pls do watch this's really nice! It's one of Philip's favorite).,


My Pledge

It may sound funny but I just came up with a plan soon after I finish my college course.

I get so much addicted of watching Fashion T.V. and all those fashion guide programs that I started to draw and design my own dresses out of my imagination.

Then, here it goes,...
It was just last..last month that I've decided to enroll myself on a dressing course soon after I graduate from college. I want to sew and make my own clothes and dresses so that I would get satisfaction out of it. I want to make my own dresses because I believe that if I would let others do the sewing and everything, it would probably not come out the way I wanted it to.(duh!!!.how very ambitious of me!) But, I don't care. HAHAHA!!! There's nothing really wrong in having this dream though....

I just get so envious lately of the beautiful dresses and clothes I see on television and read on magazines that are designed by known icons in the fashion world and some by amateur designers and freelancers.

Anyone could design and make wonderful clothes and dresses. Anyone could produce a fine-looking and beautifully-crafted clothing that can be worn by both men and women. And that's what I've always wanted to do. So, as of this very moment...I promise myself that after college, I would, should and must enroll myself in a dress-making course..bwahahahaha.,

...Hello Fashion World!!!....(bwahahaha)

Extremely EXTREME

I maybe a lady but it is quite odd that I get screwed-up during Saturdays and Sundays in watching WWE Smackdown or better known as wrestling -- extreme entertainment.

It was just earlier when I started to have this hobby of mine. Before, I really hate watching this type of entertainment. I'm disgusted on how each wrestlers would dress themselves like fashion victims with all the glitters and stuff not to mention their very steroid-enriched bodies. I would also make fun of the way they would beat each other by means of kicking, slapping, punching, and that slamming thing they would do just to beat and win over their opponent. The beating seems so fake for me.

But as time passes by, (duh.,!), I started to notice that I'm getting addicted to it. It was all because of my brother who was the real and and ever-loyal wrestling fan. Before we would even fight regarding this stuff because I would always tease him that wrestling is such a fake, artificial, and factitious kind of thing. But he would always defend his hobby saying that-- with all that kicking, punching, slapping, and slamming that all seem so impossible for an ordinary human body to handle, it is where people find good entertainment and it is also why it is quoted as Extreme Entertainment.

Yeah! Whatever! And as for this moment, I actually ate the words I've said. Saturdays and Sundays is when we both find extreme entertainment at its finest.

I just love everything in it. The wrestlers, the moves they're known for, the soundtracks they've popularized which they use during their entrances and exits and their dramatical conflicts and conversations with each other during time-outs and during special judgments.

Yes! It may sometimes be factitious. But it is really where one can find entertainment so extreme yet so compelling and engaging.

It is where I find the other side of me-- Extremely EXTREME.,!

For a live watch wrestling stuff
during Saturdays and Sundays exclusively
on JACK TV..(channel 60).,

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Extended Research Essay of Edgar Allan Poe

Born in Boston, Massachusetts to parents who were itinerant actors, Edgar Allan Poe marked a different sensation to his readers. Not only he was an American poet and a short-story writer, he was also an editor and literary critic to numerous papers during his time.

As an editor Poe struggled to raise American literature to the level of his own formidable intelligence and talent. His instability doomed this ambition to failure, but his own artistry somehow survived his impulse for self-destruction. Poe added the concept of professionalism to the role of the writer in America. For him language and its artful use was virtually an end in itself, transcending ideology.

He was born Edgar Poe but when his parents died, he was taken by John and Frances Allan of Richmond, Virginia, who never formally adopted him. After spending a short period of his time at the University of Virginia, and briefly attempting to join military, Edgar Poe and John Allan parted ways due to some misunderstandings brought about by Poe’s apathetic behavior. In spite of the hardships that Poe encountered, he was able to survive and make out all the things that seem to have vanished because of his being negligent.

Poe’s publishing career began humbly with an anonymous collection of poems credited only to a “Bostonian”.

Poe’s unbelievable gift and knowledge had created lots of amazing works of literature though at first were not given attention to, but were later on credited by his fellowmen. Poe’s most well-known fiction works are Gothic, a genre he followed to appease the public taste. Edgar Allan Poe’s most recurring themes among his works deal with questions of death, and mourning and many of his works are generally considered part of the dark romanticism genre.

One of his many amazing works is the ever-famous short and to the point story The Tell-Tale Heart.

The work shows how Poe’s mastery in literature created such an outlandish yet strikingly remarkable piece of tale. It is very much different from other forms and types of common stories that one would usually read. A usual story or tale essentially contains a clear and complete description of the setting, a precise representation and portrayal of characters having names and also a lucid identification of the stories point of view. But in Poe’s tale, the narrator remains a mystery to the readers having no name and sex at all. The setting and characters, on the other hand, are also not given the entire focus of the story. The setting is basically irrelevant; all that is known of it is that it is the home of an elderly man to which the narrator is his caretaker and apparently most of the action occurs here each night around midnight.

In the story of Poe, he has chosen to be very elusive with the characters. The characters remain nameless throughout the story, being given only the titles of “the narrator” and “the old man”.

In the story, the narrator insists that he is not in sane.

“Now this is the point. You fancy me mad. Mad men know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how wisely I proceeded- with what caution, with what foresight, with what dissimilation I went to work!”

It is very obvious by the narrator’s actions- the very fact that he murdered an innocent old man because of his “evil eye”- that he is neurotic and mentally imbalanced. The narrator’s motivation for killing the man is notably obscure.

“It is impossible to say how Te first idea entered my brain… Object there was none. Passion there was none. I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire.”

The only motivation of the narrator for killing the old man was plainly the old man’s deformed eye.

Poe’s tale is completely armed with strong foreshadowing, subtle irony, and vivid symbolism, which lead to an enormously improved story- a story of suspense.

The Tell-Tale Heart is in fact a great story to be considered. It is full of suspense and thrill enabling the readers to read more rapidly in order for them to know what the end story is.

Having gone through a lot of struggles, sufferings and hardships, Poe indeed is considered a great father of literature.

His love for literature motivated him to write his beautifully crafted poems and stories in spite of the hardships he’d been through due also for his being irresponsible and negligent.

In his supernatural fiction, Poe usually deals with paranoia rooted in personal psychology, physical or mental enfeeblement, obsessions, the damnation of death, feverish fantasies, the cosmos as source of horror and inspiration, without bothering himself with such supernatural beings as ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and so on.

The historical Edgar Allan Poe has appeared as a fictional character, often representing the “mad genius” or “tormented artist” and exploiting his personal struggles. Many depictions also blend in with characters from his stories, suggesting Poe and his characters share identities.

Many works of Poe is said to be similar to his very own life story. His famous poem entitled “Annabel Lee” is said to be dedicated to his wife Virginia Clemm who died because of consumption. Its subject, Poe’s favorite, is the death of a beautiful woman.

Another work of Poe is “The Fall of the House of Usher”. In the story the narrator visits the crumbling mansion of his friend, Roderick Usher, and tries to dispel Roderick’s gloom. Although his twin sister, Madeline, has been placed in the family vault dead, Roderick is convinced she lives. Madeline arises in trance, and carries her brother to death. The house itself splits asunder and sinks into the tarn. The story has inspired several film adaptations. The story also is said to represent the dark and complex life of Poe and the lost of family and loved ones and the lost of a home where love and caring should have been possible for him.

The dark poem of lost love, “The Raven”, brought Poe national fame. But as usual, connection and similarity was evident.

Poe had loved many women, even married for several times and got lost of his beloved for several times also. The Raven is said to portray the lost of love for several times most specifically in Poe’s own life.

In Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, it is pointed out that human nature is a delicate balance of light and dark, or good and evil. What may push one individual over the edge will only cause another to raise an eyebrow.

The life of Poe is unusual making him create unusual and remarkable works of literature, which mostly is based from his own life story. Through this technique of him, people recognized his works making him famous and a renowned figure in literature.

Lost and death may be considered as factors for Poe’s recurring theme in all his works. And being exposed to things like these molded him to be a very uncanny individual. But in spite of all, people loved and adored him because of his works.

Although he lived a short and tragic life, Edgar Allan Poe remains today one of the most-beloved mystery writers in history. His contributions to literature and the mystery genre cannot be underestimated.

Poe’s contribution to literature cannot be undervalued for it contains a well-crafted flow of story that are mostly based from his tragic yet beautiful life that has given a way for a good and forever living work of art.

Poe may have died in a very indifferent, mysterious way, but people will always treasure him and his works making them live through out generations.


“Edgar Allan Poe”,

“Edgar Allan Poe: Biography”,

Lodge, Robert A. And Sarah E. Laubacher, “Introduction”, Perspectives in Literature: A Book of Short Stories-2, New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1969. p. 1

MAY 1- Fiesta Celebration!

I just really wanna thank my friends who really made our fiesta celebration here in Steel Town so much fun. Although we really didn't prepare much food, my friends and I were still able to enjoy ourselves. We sang the karaoke, watched the season finale of the t.v series ONE TREE HILL and we also did stroll around the vicinity to enjoy ourselves with the faces of the so-called "mga mamistahay".

The fiesta celebration this year was not that memorable though as compared to the last year's very festive celebration. Less programs were organized and there was not enough time to push through certain events that would really entertain the people and the visitors from other places.

But, to sum it up, I still consider this year's celebration very memorable and so much fun because of the presence of my dear, 'ki-atan' friends. This may sound a bit emotional, but it's so true. hehehehe., 'Till next year then..hehehe.,


IPAG's Year of Pearl

The Integrated Performing Arts Guild has celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. They have recently presented a twin-bill production entitled “In2rskors” last September 12-22, 2007 at the CASS Rooftop.

The show featured two plays. The first was entitled “Dalawa”, a story about two girl best friends and the existence of homosexuality, written by Luna Sicat-Cleto, while the second one, “Welcome to Intelstar”, is a satirical play about the increasing number of call center agents in the country.

Sir Hobart Savior of the English Department directed the said show. The production also showcased the acting talents of three more teachers from the English Department namely Carmina Borja and Mara Barabra Nanaman for “Welcome to Intelstar” and Zola Gonzales for “Dalawa”. The latter play also included performances from Ivy L. Sescon, a third year AB-English student, and Phoebe Gayanello, who has performed in various IPAG productions.

“In2skors” is IPAG’s first show in their Pearl Anniversary. This will then be followed by a musical production entitled “Ranao” next semester. This only proves that IPAG has still a lot to offer to MSU-IIT, to the national community, and to the rest of the world.


Height: 1.78 m (5 ft. 10 in.)
Hair color: Red (now dyed blond)
Eye color: Blue-gray
Measurements: 34-24-34.5
Weight: 108 lb. (49 kg.)

Jessica Stam.,also known as STAM.,is a canadian supermodel. She was born in Kincardine, Ontario, and grew up on a farm alongside with her six brothers. Jessica Stam was discovered in a local Tim Hortons coffee shop by Miller, an agent at the International Model Management agency in Barrie, Ontario.

Stam's main trademark is her eyes, which are a light blue bordering on gray. She is also one of the models considered a "doll face".


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

.,Pieces of ME.

These are the pieces of me.,.

These are the people who make me complete.,

These are the people who make me smile and live life to the fullest..

and they are what I call...MY SUCCESS.,


They're the best parents in the world..I may not be that expressive about me feelings towrds them.,but a simple thank you and i love you from me is quite enough.,i guess.,for all the hardships they've been through just to give all the things that i need.,..huhu.,thanx a lot.,LOVE YOU both nanay and tatay!!!mwuah.,

My One and Only Brother

We may not be that close but I still love my "manong Boyet" so much.,ehe.,this picture is a bit ugly but it's all i have in my files.,ehe.,


My laluvz..,hehehe.,what more do i have to say.,??? He's simply my life.,!!!
I love you so much luvz.,
It may sound "korny" but that's life.,you become korny when you fall inLOVE.,right?


Although we're not sometimes complete in attendance.,we still do manage to have outings.,forums.,and sleep-overs just to update ourselves with the latest issues and "chikas" involving ourselves.,.and also to keep our friendship strong all the time...we always have an open forum to discuss critical issues and everything else under the sun.,hahaha.,(mga tae jud.,)

.ShuBEO Burgersz

My ever funny and "ki-atan" friends and classmates.,!!!HAHAHA.,
GO ABEO.,GO English Majors.,(iro jud.,)


The Great Pretender

I tell you, she’s really a “great pretender”, a hypocrite!

She pretends to be kind and courteous, when in fact she’s really not.

She’ll welcome you with a smile and a hug…but once you turn your back on her.,the sham and the hypocrisy begins.

She thinks she’s the best and the smartest, when in fact, she’s just very good in cheating.

She plays to be a sweet cousin to everyone when in fact, she always has her dagger ready to stab you on the back.

She’s very good in telling stories of her “beautiful childhood” not to mention “puberty”, when in fact they are all delusions.


She may look sane.,but beware.,she’s like an untamed animal ready to attack anyone who crosses her path.

She’s everything that I despise in a person.

I don’t despise her for no valid reason.

I scorn her because she ruined my life.,feeling no remorse at all.

She crushed me into pieces as if we don’t belong to the same clan.

I hate her so much.,but, I tell you..I’m not after vengeance.

I can slap her.,

I can beat her…I can smash her face with a baseball bat.,

I can kick her ass.,I can even punch her ugly nose.,

I can poison her to death.,!!!

But sadly..I can't.,.I just can’t.,!

.,.Because I know it's not the right thing to do..!

All I’m capable of is this – writing.

Writing everything I feel, writing everything that’s happen so as to warn and give caution to everyone on how a person of the same blood can still manage to stab and crush you to pieces until the pieces turn into ashes.

Don’t smoothly give-in.,

Do not easily develop your trust for them.,

Do hesitate and have second thoughts especially in sharing your deepest secrets to them.,

Take it from me.,!

I’ve been been crushed several times and turned to ashes a million times already.

But I always manage to pick-up the pieces of me.

Not to avenge the people who crushed me but to continue to live as if nothing happened.

I don’t care if I wouldn’t be able to beat them just like what they did to me.

‘Coz I know.,SOMEONE else will do it for me.,

SOMEONE else will basically do a thing against them.,most particularly to her.,when? I don’t know.,but maybe on JUDGMENT DAY...

(they’ll die easily…quickly…I know and I’m sure.,)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Very Inspiring..(indeed)., YET Sickening

I just want to share to you guys the speech that I personally made when I was still in high school. I was lucky enough that time to have won the title of Ms. Palakasan during our intramurals last year 2003, I guess. I was actually cleaning my room last Wednesday when I found a piece of crumpled paper underneath my table. And I was so amazed when I recognized it to be the speech that I delivered during the turning- over of the crown….ahahaha., my speech really sounds funny and a bit sickening., promise.,!!!..


Never let fear stand in the way of your dreams! A quote, a motto, or whatever it is, all I’m sure of is that…it made me won for this prestigious pageant for the past year. You may wonder what’s so special with this saying, but it’s everything for me. It has given me the real meaning of life and its relation to our dreams. I met this certain saying once when I read a magazine and from then on, I realized that if you have a dream, you should never let fear stand in the way of it. You should never be afraid for the challenges ahead and never be pessimistic. We all know that life may not be on our side sometimes but just remember to be brave always and believe in God when facing challenges, be ready to accept criticisms and never be ashamed of the mistakes you have committed for they will be a guide to your success, enough to show that there is no hindrance that can stop you in reaching for your dreams.

Just hold fast to your dreams, for if dreams die.., life is like a broken winged-bird that cannot fly. So don’t ever give-up your dreams. Never leave them behind, find them and make them yours and all through your life, cherish them and never ever let them go. And if you have a dream in your mind, don’t be afraid to bring and share it to the world,.too often, the treasures which are ours alone to give are never given the chance to grow. So believe in yourself, but never be overconfident, always be satisfied and know that you can, at all times improve. Most important of all, never forget the people who helped you in times of struggles and always be humble for all the achievements you have. And as of success, you can achieve it if you have the great determination and willingness to pass through the challenges ahead. And for the last time, let me share to you an inspiring message from Tim Connor saying that real success is not to be sought after in the outer world, but discovered in your inner world. We all want the things that life offers. But we don’t need as much as we think we do. Sooner or later we will discover that real success can only be found in loving relationships. With our family, friends, strangers, and anyone who crosses our path. What matters is people and what lasts is love. What counts are true friends and if you treasure these things, you can count yourself a success.


(ngil-ngig jud cxa.,pwamis..)

ehehe., XOXO.,


There are probably lots of poets that have contributed a vast involvement in the world of literature. These poets became inspirations for modern-day poets for them to be able to have an interesting and appealing work of literature.

One of these poets is Anne Sexton. Anne Sexton is among the most celebrated and tragic poets of the confessional school.

Born Anne Gray Harvey in Newton, Massachusetts, Sexton was the youngest of three daughters raised by her parents; her mother being a housewife and her father who was an owner of a prosperous wool company, in an upper middle-class home near Boston. Sexton graduated from Rogers Hall preparatory school for girls in 1947, where her first poetry appeared in the school yearbook.

Regarded as a confessional poet, Sexton's writing is in many ways a candid autobiographic record of her struggle to overcome the feelings of guilt, loss, inadequacy, and suicidal despair that tormented her. Inspired by years of intensive psychotherapy, Sexton's carefully crafted poetry often addresses her uncertain self-identity as a daughter, wife, lover, mother, and psychiatric patient.

Sexton’s poems were said to represent her life and experiences as a woman. Not only as a woman alone but also as a daughter, wife, lover, mother, and a patient of psychiatry. She was able to put together these experiences using her pen and as an output, she was able to create appealing and great works of literature that were able to fill the hearts and interests of readers and critics.

Her experiences and life struggles were the main recipe for all her works. She used these struggles enable for her to convey the guilt, loss, despair that her self is experiencing. It was also a way for her to escape reality and put herself in a moment of isolation to the real world.

Her first volume, To Bedlam and Part Way Back, consists of poems written shortly after her confinement in a mental hospital, during which she lost custody of her children. "The Double Image," among the most accomplished works of the volume, is a sequence of seven poems describing Sexton's schism with her mother in the imagery of two portraits facing each other from opposite walls. Other poems, notably "You, Doctor Martin," "Music Swims Back to Me," and "Ringing the Bells" relate Sexton's experiences and emotional state while hospitalized. "Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward," which involves an unwed mother, who prepares to abandon her illegitimate child, alludes to Sexton's guilt at having lost her own children. Another significant poem from the volume, "For John, Who Begs Me Not to Enquire Further," is Sexton's response to poet John Holmes's criticism of her transgressive subject matter, representing Sexton's defense of the confessional mode and her own poetic voice. The poems of All My Pretty Ones further illustrate Sexton's aptitude for invoking musical rhythms and arresting imagery. Entitled after a line from Shakespeare's Macbeth, this volume contains the oft-anthologized poems "The Truth the Dead Know," written upon the death of her father, "All My Pretty Ones," "The Abortion," and "Letter Written on a Ferry While Crossing Long Island Sound," all of which probe emotions surrounding loss.

Her obsession with death, a prominent recurring theme in all of her work, is explicit in the poems "Sylvia's Death," about Sylvia Plath's suicide, and "Wanting to Die," countered by the life-affirming poem "Live" at the end of the volume. Another poem which talks about death is the poem “The Death of Fathers”.

The themes of alienation, death, and deliverance are also evident in the poems “The Jesus Papers” in the Book of Folly and the poem “The Death Baby” which reveals the poet’s desire and admiration to death.

In the poem which she dedicated to her close friend Sylvia Plath, she represented death in a very creative way through imagery:

under our heart, our cupboard,

and I see now that we store him up

year after year, old suicides

and I know at the news of your death

a terrible taste for it, like salt,

(And me,

me too.

And now, Sylvia,

you again

with death again,

that ride home

with our boy.)

And I say only

with my arms stretched out into that stone place,

what is your death

but an old belonging,

a mole that fell out

of one of your poems?

She used the representation of death in a presence of our boy which is in fact a creative and very original way of making a poem. Such poem also talks about death that Sexton very much desired.

The poem “Wanting to Die” also shows an evident proof how Sexton very much values and loves death.

But suicides have a special language.

Like carpenters they want to know which tools.

They never ask why build.

In this poem of Sexton, she freely chatters about suicide which is extremely related to her life for she has, for many times, attempted suicide for too much desire for death. Her poems are apparently correlated to the experiences that life has bestowed upon her. She is very much in ove with death that most of her poems are about it. She presents death in every possible representation and face that readers would not notice right a way just like what she did in her poem “Sylvia’s Death” where death is represented as a boy.

Another poem where death is present is the poem “Live” which is oppose to her other poem “Wanting to Die”. In here, she opposes what she wrote on the other said poem. She presses on the idea that she must continue to live and forget about death for there are many things in life that are beautiful and one of those would be the sun, the sun which she mentioned as the reason why she should and must live.

I promise to love more if they come,

because in spite of cruelty

and the stuffed railroad cars for the ovens,

I am not what I expected. Not an Eichmann.

The poison just didn't take.

So I won't hang around in my hospital shift,

repeating The Black Mass and all of it.

I say Live, Live because of the sun,

the dream, the excitable gift.

And just like her other poems, “The Death Baby” is a sequence of psalms that mostly talk about death. It is very visible through the use of her words that Sexton indeed desires death in a great extent and degree.


My sister at six

dreamt nightly of my death:

"The baby turned to ice.

Someone put her in the refrigerator

and she turned as hard as a Popsicle."


My Dy-dee doll
died twice.
Once when I snapped
her head off
and let if float in the toilet
and once under the sun lamp
trying to get warm
she melted.


I died seven times

in seven ways

letting death give me a sign,

letting death place his mark on my forehead,

crossed over, crossed over


My mother died

unrocked, unrocked.

Weeks at her deathbed

5. MAX

Max and I

two immoderate sisters,

two immoderate writers,

two burdeners,

made a pact.

To beat death down with a stick.

To take over.

To build our death like carpenters.



you lie in my arms like a cherub,

as heavy as bread dough.

Although some critics were not able to see the real message and importance of Sexton’s poems, she, inspite of all the struggles that life offered her, was able to capture the interests and hearts of the readers. She up to now is considered as one of the best poets of her days and will always be remembered for her trademark having death as her recurring theme among her poems. Sexton remains among the most important female poets of her generation.

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