Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer and School

Summer days are over.,beach and pool times also over.,

It's back to school guys...and I just love it sooo much.

Some may definitely hate to go back to school because of paper works, library works and etc., count me in too.,

But what I love most about being back to school is that I get to see the faces of my beloved classmates and friends again. I get to hug and kiss them for the long vacation that separated us apart for more than a month.

It's so nice to hear their stories and watch their faces full of joy and satisfaction from all the summer escapades they've been through. And it really lightens up my mood.

It's nice to see them so happy and full of life like never before.,

The best thing about summer vacation is that you get to collect memories and moments of how you spent the whole vacation desperately.,.and get to share them with the people close to your heart.,

It's like being born again in a new world., with people embracing you and your story.,.
willing to listen and hear from you.,

That is what I love about summer,.and that is what I love about school.,..



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